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AC Motor Running Capacitors

Item: CBB60
Product Name: AC Motor Running Capacitors

CBB60 is motor running capacitor or AC motor run capacitor, CBB60 motor running capacitor is non-inductively wound with metallized polypropylene film as the dielectric / electrode with encapsulated in a plastic/aluminium case sealed with epoxy resin.

Features of CBB60 AC Motor Running Capacitors

  • Box type provides the identical outer appearance;
  • Very low loss at high frequency, suitable for high current;
  • High insulation resistance, long life due to self-healing effect;
  • With explosion-proof structure;
  • Applied to the operation or running of 50Hz (60Hz) single-phase motor, such as washing machine, mini type electromotor.
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Specification of CBB60 Capacitor


Reference Standard GB3667.1-2005
Climatic Category 40/70/21
Rated Voltage 250VAC-500VAC 250VAC-450VAC
Capacitance Range 0.8-50uf 0.8-65uf
Capacitance Tolerance ±5%
Voltage Proof Between Terminals 2.0Un(2S)
Terminals to case 2000VAC
Dissipation Factor ≤0.2%(20¡æ, 1KHz)


Relative Capacitors


Other Popular Name of the CBB60 Capacitors

Motor running capacitor, AC motor run capacitor, AC capacitor, polypropylene capacitor for AC, motor capacitor, membrane capacitor for motor, motor operation capacitor, single-phase motor capacitor, polypropylene film capacitor, explosion-proof capacitor.

For custom designs please contact us with specific requirements of motor running capacitor as we specialize in custom made metallized polypropylene film capacitors.

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