Quality Control

Procedures/Testing Details
We strictly carry out ISO9001:2000 to the whole quality control system. The QC procedure is divided into three steps:

Initial QC System:
Including the strict evaluation of the qualification of all raw material supplies, whole examination of major parts, and random sample inspection of less important spare parts. Only the qualified raw material can be used in the production.


Automatic Convolution Device and Purifying Plant

Process QC System:
All staff involved in the production process is trained professionally and properly. All products have to pass through the worker's examination, workshop examination and QC examination. Only the qualified ones can proceed into the next process.

Final QC System:
Including overall examination in the product line, and random sample inspection of each batch of finished products by QC department. Only the qualified products can be put into markets.

We thoroughly inspect each major raw material. Our production is supervised by engineers who are extremely cautious about product quality and details from beginning to end.

Testing Center


Advanced Testing Equipment
We have advanced testing equipment for fault analysis and product full-function inspections. Our experienced engineers and precision equipment mean products that meet your exacting requirements.

Corner of the Workshop

Most of our materials and components are sourced from reliable suppliers.

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