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CD-2 Electronic Ignitor

Name: Electronic Ignitor for HI and HS
Description: Electrical components sealed in epoxy resin;
Units for installation in luminaries ;
Conforms to QB1115-91 and EN61347-1.
Other: It is also called superimposed ignitor.
Parameter of CD-2 Electronic Ignitor for HI and HS
Type CD-2-400W CD-2-2000W CD-2-2000W CD-2-1000W CD-2-400W
Main Voltage 198-264V50-60Hz 198-264V50-60Hz 198-264V 198-264V50-60Hz 198-264V50-60Hz
For Lamp Type(w) 35-400WHI.HS 400-1000WHI.HS 1000-2000WHI.HS 250-1000WHI with USA standard
250-400WHI with USA standard
Pulse Range 3.5-5.0KV 4.0-5.0KV 5.0-7.0KV 0.7-1.0KV 0.6-0.9KV
Load Capacity 20-1000PF 20-1000PF 20-1000PF 20-1000PF 20-1000PF
Ignition Voltage 180±5 180±5 180±5 180±5 180±5
Pulse Phase 240-270° 240-270° 240-270° 240-270° 240-270°
Max Housing Temp 105 105

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